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E.Lo Ceramic Art

Bottom Curve : Bottle Vase

Bottom Curve : Bottle Vase

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This vase is great for starting out with flower arrangement, either with fresh blooms from the yard or keeping dried plants in year around. The bottle shape is ideal for flowers with heavier tops because it can hold more water than other short vases. Also can be a nice addition to a bookshelf or a desk if you just need a little extra decoration with or without flowers. 

Choose from the different color options to match your space.  

PLEASE NOTE: This product is currently being made-to-order and has a lead time of up to 2 weeks before orders will ship. If I have the item in stock it may ship sooner. 

  • Handmade colored porcelain vase  
  • 3in 3in 5in guess
  • Color listed first will be the top and inside of the piece
  • Please consider that with all hand made objects there is slight variations from piece to piece
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